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Copenhagen/Malmö, Denmark, 55° 42'N (Copenhagen); 55° 37'N (Malmö), 12° 37'E (Copenhagen); 13° 00'E (Malmö)
7 Nordre Toldbod, P.O. Box 9,
DK-1001 Copenhagen K
Phone: + 45 33 47 99 99
Fax: + 45 33 47 99 33

General Information
Total length of operating quays16.5 km
Warehousing area200.000 m2
Maximal draught of vessels13.5 m
Additional information
Production area of approx 2 million m2
Development area of approx 3 million m2
Quay length: 16.5 km
Railway tracks: 36 km
10 ferry and RO/RO berths
Warehouse: 200,000 m2
Two harbours, one with free port status
2 modern container terminals: 250,000 m2
5 container gantry cranes and 1 mobile crane
10 rail-mounted cranes
3 car terminals with pre-delivery inspection facilities (PDI), accommodating more than 10,000 new cars
Bulk terminals, the largest of which handles 15,000 tonnes a day
Transhipment of cargo to Panamax vessels
Tank capacity: 2 million m3
The Port of Copenhagen operates commercial port facilities and re-develops old dockside areas.
Commercial marine traffic is serviced by Copenhagen Malmö Port (www.cmport.dk).

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