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Kaliningrad, Russia, 54° 41' N, 19° 45' E
24, Portvaya Str.
Kaliningrad, 236003, Russia
Phone.: (+007) 0112 444306
Fax: (+007) 0112 444522, 446318
Telex: 262685 REJD RU
General Information
Total land area80 hectares
Total length of operating quays3.017 m
Warehousing area60 000 m2
Open store area220 000 m2
Maximal draught of vessels8.2 m
Additional information
The basic services are the following: loading-unloading operations, cargo storage, forwarding on marine and railway transport, logistics.
Usual loading and discharging rates are:
  • General cargoes up to 2 500 tons per day,
  • Metal slabs, etc. up to 5 000 tons per day,
  • Grain up to 3 000 tons per day,
  • Coal up to 4 000 tons per day,
  • Bulk fertilizer (GMB Terminal) up to 5 000 tons per day.
  • Kaliningrad port is located in the mouth of Pregol river, within Kaliningrad city limits. It is accessible from Baltic sea via 24 nautical miles long canal being actually a separated fairway in Kaliningrad Bay.

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